Thursday, April 28, 2011

They Are Here!

Hey everyone! We are introducing another completely new style here at CoCo's. The scarf pictured below is one style of several that we are working on. These scarves begin the launch of our women's and accessories line. I have to say I am SOOO excited!

Designing women's fashion is a HUGE passion of Rachel's and mine and we are so excited to finally see the dream a reality. The pictures below are of our second photo shoot. By the way, the AMAZING photos are taken by my beautiful sister Rachel. She has a fabulous gift for photography. So, back to the scarf! This style is called "Pleats and Q's" and is made from a stretch knit fabric. The print on the fabric is truly very stunning. Labeled as a "tattoo" print, it has roses and vines with small swords and butterflies all over. It may not be for some but those of us who love a little funk and diversity in our lives appreciate it. The scarf is shown here with grey stitching and we will be offering it with stitches in black, red, hot pink, and bright green as well.

Since beginning actual product production several weeks ago, we have been very busy building our stock and preparing for our new styles to come. As promised, the pinafore style for little girls is coming very soon and we'll be debuting that style to sell in the store in a matter of a day or so. These are going to be so beautiful!

Take a peek at these photos and be sure to browse our store often for all of the new styles.